Daily update for my Boys 18 March 2014




Hello little men….

How are my muppets doing this afternoon ?….I hope great …

Well it’s been a nice day here , still a little cloudy but no rain so that’s good …

I went out this morning to help Oupa with some things he had to sort on the small show bike he restored … The rest of the day has been a bit of a lazy one if I am honest ….not feeling great … So just been taking it easy….

Ouma packed all the Court stuff at her house , so this is also now all boxed and ready for you both to read one day should you wish to do so….

O I gave Ouma the cordless phones from the house …I think there is still a message on of you two monkeys picking up the phone and giggling and playing in the back ground …..guess she will keep that always to know what you both sound like …..

It’s long weekend here this week , well actually Thursday is public holiday but it seems most people are taking Friday off also …. I think it is Human rights day here if I have it right ……

If I am feeling better tomorrow I think I will go to the Mall a bit , maybe take in a movie and a banana muffin ….yum , yum ……

I need to get the 4 x4 washed also as it is covered in mud from going to the dam the weekend but I have been putting it of until I know the rain is gone as knowing my luck , we will get a storm the minute I drive off from the car wash…..

Been missing you both lots today , all your picture frames have now been unpacked also , the picture are from your School in Horam so they are more then a year old now already , but they still make me smile each time I walk into my bedroom and I see them …..

I hope you have chosen your favourite toy already to take to hospital Olibear on friday …..thinking off you lots just really sorry your paid surrogate is not allowing me , Ouma and Oupa to wish you luck for the operation…but just know our thoughts are with you ..I know it will all go well….

O and I hope you have made a list of fun things you want to do on Friday also Oscar as I am sure you will be left in the care of your paid surrogates child abusing family ….or even the old drunk …really sorry that you are stuck with these horrible people …… Hope you will be ok being left with these child abusers and drunks for a whole day ……

I have gone to look twice now also for some nice Easter cards for you both but the shops don’t have any yet , I guess as far as I know Easter is not really a holiday we send cards for in South Africa thus I might have to get my glue stick and colouring pencils out to make you both some cards …maybe some chic feathers and macaroni is the way to go …lol , I was always really bad at these type of things in school and as a child but hey for you two I am happy to try and have a go but you both are not allowed to laugh at my handy work….lol

Well champs as always I will see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dream land ….can’t wait for my little man double cuddles and dream smiles …..

Night , night my little big dreamers ……sleep well

Love you both around the world and back and miss you lots and lots and lots more …..

Love you always little men…

Dad xx

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