Control Games with Words

A good article on PAS …

From Torn 2 Pieces 2 Peace

If you fear having feelings independent of and in opposition to one of your parents and becoming a target of rejection you’ve seen him or her direct at others who disagree, you’re likely being manipulated.

You (or a friend) may have a parent who is so controlling and possessive, he or she will want to cut those you love (or once loved) out of your life.  This hurts. It hurts because, among other things, it’s not loving.  It’s called Parental Alienation, and some experts call it “the worst form of child abuse.”  imagesCAZ5BLXM

Tragically, some parents will use the following to cut your other parent out of your life:

  • guilt (e.g., “I don’t know why your father left us; everything seemed okay”);

  • intimidation (e.g., “Go to your mother’s if you want, but you are not to hug her cute little boyfriend anymore. Do you understand?”);

  • fear (e.g., “I just want you kids to know that I’11 be here the whole time…

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