Family Courts Without a Lawyer


Lucy Reed  handed me a copy of “ Family Courts Without a Lawyer – A Handbook for Litigants in Person – about seven years too late. When I was going through family courts myself, I would have LOVED this handbook!

Without any doubt at all, I will be recommending this book to anyone contacting OnlyDads who is thinking of becoming a Litigant in Person (LiP). The book contains (in over 300 pages) really useful sections. I would highlight the “jargon buster” and the book’s clear definition of legal terms as particularly invaluable to the majority of LiPs.

The combination of legal knowledge and effort that has gone into the writing of this book is to be applauded!

With the much-anticipated increase in the number of LiPs moving forward I hope this book continues to be updated. I know from the many questions we get asked in the OnlyDads office, it…

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