Daily update for my boys 4 March 2014




Good afternoon little men…

Hope you two are doing very well today …..

It’s really cold here today , been on the sofa with a blanket the whole day…not feeling great if I am honest but guess it is just so , nothing I can do about it…… Been watching more of the Oscar P trial , seems to be dragging a little and going around in circles… Don’t know if I will be able to watch 3 weeks of this as planned…lol

O before I forget , as the weather has been so cool here Ouma made some of her special beef and vegetable soup last night , can’t remember when last I had some so was really nice , the best I think I have ever had… You two might not know but I love soup , I love slurping soup , lol yes I know that is poor manners but I still like doing it , lol …..

I wonder what you both like eating now , because when I left your paid surrogate had never cooked you a meal , she just use to buy ready meals as she said she never had time to cook for you , but yet always had time for a wine or brandy and Facebook ….. Guess with what I am seeing that has still not changed….

I hope the stuff that Ouma sent you fit and that you both like the soft Easter eggs….don’t eat them all in one go as we did here yesterday …lol , had enough chocolate for 10 years …….

Not much more news here I am afraid , only thing it seems the one project has stared to move forward a little again so that should be fun once we know more ……

So little men , I wish you both a good night and fun day tomorrow , and hope to see you both under our big old green tree in dream land …..looking forward to some dream cuddles and smiles ……

Love you both around the world and back and miss you much more …

Love you champs ….

Dad xx

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