Daily update for my Boys 23 Dec 2013


Hello little Champs ,

How are my muppets doing today ? I guess well excited and festive ….

The picture today is to show you both the Big man is all packed and seems to be on the move already to make his way to Chester , I hope you two are ready for him …. You might even get to see him , who knows…..

Just realised its a month today from the big 39th birthday for me … Scary to think I am that old already but then I guess if you take all the abuse and domestic violence and intimidation , blackmail etc. I had to endure from your mum and Steve and Simon the past 5 years no wonder I look 60 , lol , but least I can say I am a survivor and I know they will never break me no matter how much they as a family try and gang up on me and tell people only one side of a story and leave out the real facts … But at least I know when you are old enough you will be able to read the almost 8000 pages of documents and make up your own minds on things like why Cafcass gave mum 3 months to sober up before they did her alcohol testing ? Because they knew the test can only look back 4 weeks ? Or why because she says she takes loads of pain killers everyday they decided to not test her as they knew the test would show the true result …. All little things mum and Steve are not telling people on Facebook …. Selective reporting as the psychologist said ..lol

O I had to go to the bank this morning , bad idea I guess the whole country is trying to get cash out of the bank for Christmas , I think we forget how busy the banks are here but I must admit they are a 10000 years ahead of the UK and Dubai banking system , o and you deal with people which is always nice ….

So not sure what you two monkeys have been doing today but I hope you are both wearing your raincoats as I see the weather is not so great in the North now for the next couple of days… So I hope you both a dry ,warm, safe and well cared for as it’s not a nice time of the year to struggle while all the adults around you just want to get drunk all the time ….

Have you two been messing with the gifts under the tree yet ? I am sure if you take the wrapping of at the back mum will not notice ….lol

Tomorrow night is the big night for us here in Africa so please know you will be in our hearts and thoughts even more then what you are each day…. I am just so sorry that we are not able to say hello to you both or wish you both a Very Merry Christmas , but I guess that is what mum and Steve wants so they can tell you , ‘see he does not care about you ‘ boys you have no idea how wrong they will be when they tell you that tomorrow night … But not a thing we can do about it as you two are their hostages and will be I guess for the next couple of years and till you are able to stand up against them all ….

Well boys I hope you will have a little fun and festive spirit over the next couple of days and just know they can’t not control or dictate to you forever as they have tried to do with me and the rest of their family … As Steve and mum says the truth always prevails ……

As always my little men I can’t wait to see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dream land , I will be waiting to give you both the biggest bear cuddles in the world … And to tell you how much I miss and love you both……

Night , night pals , happy dry , warm ,safe festive dreams……

I love you both more than life and always will….

Love you my little O’s….

Dad xx

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