Daily Update 8 Dec 2013

Hello Little O’s

How are you two doing today, I hope very well..

Well I can’t believe tomorrow is the start of a new week again, really feels like this whole year has been a bit of a blur with all the issues we have had to endure but I guess such is life.

I have to still pack as I need to leave before 5am for the airport again as I said yesterday I really hope this is the last trip for this year….

So what did you two funny monkeys get up to today ? whatever it was I hope you had fun as little men should.

O before I forget as suspected mum has closed her ‘ Top secret’ email id down as I emailed her as I said I would each Sunday but the mail came back to say the mail box does not exist, I guess this is how she is now trying to practice even more parental alienation, I have sent a copy to your Solicitor and CAFCASS to show them than mum is already ignoring the UK Courts already again , but I guess I knew her and Steve would do this,

So boys I have emailed you a copy of the email asking mum re you both and giving her my thoughts on Oliver’s operation , but I guess she has no regard for your pain Oliver only her own ego to proof a point, all bit silly if you ask me , but hey that’s mum for you…no regard for your needs and wants boys…. story of my life having lived with her for 5 years so I feel your pain….

I am not sure what time I will be able to post tomorrow but will do so before I go to bed , I promise..

I hope you two will have a great week at school and all the other things you might be doing , I am sure you must be starting to get excited that Santa will be coming to visit you both shortly , but remember you need to be good boys or he might skip mum’s house in Chester.

As always pals I hope to see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dream land … can’t wait to see your dream smiles and give you both a double little man dream cuddle….

Sleep well champs , sweet happy dreams , night , night …

I miss and love you both so very much each day and everyday …….


Love you boys …


Dad xx   


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