Daily update 7 Dec 2013

Hello Champs,

How are my two monkeys doing today , I hope great….

Well I am home at last, but not for long can’t believe I need to pack a bag tomorrow again as I am traveling Monday for 2 days again, after this I really hope I am going to be home for a while for the Holidays to spend some time with friends and family, just really sad thinking about the fact that I have no clue what you two are planning or doing for the Holidays but whatever and wherever you are I am sure it will be great fun as little boys 3rd Christmas should be.

I can’t believe how nice the weather is here at the moment you two would have loved playing outside in the Sun and swimming pool. I hope Chester is not to bad and that you both are keeping warm…..

I here mum is posting loads of pictures of you both on Facebook so am pretty sure one of her ‘friends’ will send some on to me, I personally still think she is a bit silly to not even allow me to see what you look like, a bit sad to be honest but I guess as you both would know by now , no surprise there.. LOL

I have been looking at Amazon to see what I could have gotten you for Christmas if I was allowed to send you a gift , I still wonder if you got the huge train town table set thing I sent you a couple of weeks ago to Steve’s house as mum never said , maybe she is keeping it for you for Christmas , that would be nice to know that you were at least able to get something from me , but then again knowing mum and her dad they would have just put it in the bin as they would rather make you suffer and not have fun then for you to know I am part of your lives… all part of the big ‘least wipe daddy away plan’

You know what boys as much as they will keep trying to make you forget me the harder I will fight to make you aware of who I am and that I will always be here for you both no matter what….

Going to see friends of mine tomorrow Jaco & Janine, the have a little champ that is about 3 months older than you , he reminds me so much of you both so really looking forward to meeting the little man for the 1st time , I will send you some pictures tomorrow.

I will write to mum also tomorrow on her ‘TOP Secret’ email that I am allowed to use to ask about you both as I said I will do each Sunday but as normal I still have not had any response from mum on my email to you all last week Sunday , so let’s see ….

Well little pals I hope you two had a fun day , maybe mum took you to the Zoo again in Chester to see the wild animals as I know how much you love them , I wonder if she put the Lion King head up Oupa made you or if she put that in the bin also…

As each and every night I hope to see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dream land for my double O’s cuddles and smiles….. keep me a nice spot please ….

Boys I miss and love you both so very much words can not describe the hurt I feel each and every moment of each day not knowing how you are and that you are ok…maybe one day hey? …..

Night, night champs , sweet happy place dream please ……

Love you both big truck loads full always….

Dad xx

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