So tomorrow is the hearing the Court will not inform me what for …..







So as you all will know by now tomorrow morning at 10 am my boys Oliver James and Oscar Alexander Ferreira is part of a hearing at the High Court Lancaster sitting in Preston and Blackburn by Judge Singleton , the Court told me a week ago about the hearing but refuse to provide the details what it will be about , you have seen the email from Miss Rebecca Butterfield the boys Solicitor saying she has once again been in ” private” consultation with the paid alcoholic drug addicted surrogate of my boys Jayne Elizabeth Ferreira aka Jayne Elizabeth McClure whom was to once again apply to the Court to change the boys Family name as she want to hide the Truth and Mr Peter Morey and the Judge continuous their misconduct in supporting this Child Abuser ! No such application has been issued or received as per normal this is just threats by her and her father Steve McClure to try and intimidate me as they have always tried to do in their efforts to hide the Truth about what they both are ..Child Abusers …nothing more ….

I hear they plan to shut this blog down , I would like to remind them that this blog was started on 6 Dec 2013 after they allowed the paid surrogate to ignore their Court order by which I requested to see my boys on Christmas Day last year …….

This blog will today have more than 12400 views , 575 posts , 385 comments over 235 daily email followers and has been seen in more than 60 Countries now and it has been re-blogged and re-posted on a large number of other sites by the followers that as I, believe in the Truth and transparency of the Family Law System in the UK ….

So all I can say is I wish them luck tomorrow as this footprint and platform is here to stay as my boys Will know the Truth one day …….the whole Truth …

Kind Regards,

Phil Ferreira

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The reason I will NOT take up supervised contact little men…

Your alcoholic drug addicted paid surrogate Jayne E Ferreira , Judge Singleton from Lancaster High Court and Peter Morey from Cafcass Blackburn office says this is in your best interest , I think all these people must be on Drugs ! Or delusional ….


I need some fatherly advice right now…. and i was wondering in you could help me with this torn feeling I’m having. I have supervised visits with my daughters and I love them with everything that I am would gladly go to hell and burn for all eternity just to keep them from ever being hurt again. My dilemma is that it is really hurting me and them going to these visits because they want to come to my house and they dont understand why they cant they are 4 and 2. It hurts so bad hearing them cry daddy please don’t go and I wanna go home with you daddy that I cry the entire 30 min drive home every week. I want to stop the visits until after the court date so that We don’t feel this heartache and have the tears shed anymore but I don’t want to be a bad dad for not seeing them whenever i can please if you have any advice on want I should do please contact me and one day I will tell you my story of why all of this come to light and you WON’T believe it. I have Visitation court in 15 days

By: Admin

Trust me…
….I will believe it.

Supervised visits are pretty standard for dads that become separated or do or end from the mother.

I myself was a loving involved Father for 11 years. A stay home dad and the so called “primary caretaker” for many of those years.

Yet in less then 30 minutes and a judges gavel I was reduced to a visitor to my children.

Only allowed in their presence with a 3rd party monitoring my every move, our every word and documenting it for review and critiqued.

I endured this visitations for an entire year.

An extremely humiliating experience to say the least.

Damaging to the parent/child bond and relationship.

Emotionally draining. Emotional torture to both my children and myself.

Something that should only be required or implemented in my opinion in cases that include actual and Real Abuse beyond a reasonable doubt.

Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Supervised visits for the Father during a separation are becoming the standard.

With that said.

You need to endure them.

You need to continue them.

If you do not, it is my opinion it will be held against you as not desiring to be with your children.

They will say you do not show interest in having the time they are granting you with your children.

Why should you be allowed additional time?

Others on the page may have a different view.

I will post to the page for additional feedback.


Thomas Fidler


What is my boys Solicitor and CAFCASS trying to hide ???

Dear readers of my boys blog , I need some advice here , if you look at the email trail below I have requested twice now the release of MY psychological testing/ scoring from my boys solicitor but for some reason she is refusing to provide the information about MY mental state to my Clinical Psychologist to allow him to decide if and what treatment he could recommend to comply with the Cafcass recommendation by Mr Peter Morley that I should seek self improvement but yet they refuse to provide the information to enable me to do this !

Do I not have a right in the UK to my own psychological testing that was done at a airport for 3 hours before I had to leave the UK?

The report I was given states an opinion with no scoring information to back up what they are saying ??

I am sorry Cafcass and Miss Butterfield, WHAT are you both trying to hide !

Response received today !

Dear Mr Ferreira

Thank you for your email. I have already responded to you on this point
and confirm that all the results from those tests/assessments, is
contained within the assessment already provided to you.

If you wish for these sheets to be sent to you, I suggest that you seek
an order in those terms from the Court at the hearing on 28th February.

Kind regards

Becky Butterfield
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—–Original Message—–

From: Phill Ferreira
Sent: 21 January 2014 14:11
To: Rebecca Butterfield
Cc: Henk Swanepoel;
Subject: 2nd Formal request for release of information re Mr WP Ferreira

Dear Miss Butterfield,

Hope you are well,

I here by formally request for the 2nd time the release of the
psychological testing and scoring to Mr Henk Swanepoel my consulting
Clinical psychologist , I have previously provided you his full cv and
related credentials.

I am informed as with medical records I have a legal right to this
information about myself to enable me should it be recommended to under
go the required treatment.

Please confirm receipt of this email and your clear and transparent
action plan.

Kind Regards

Phill Ferreira

John Hemming: We must change the way family courts are run

New Fathers 4 Justice - Superhero Dads

Birmingham MP says a lot of human misery is being caused by the UK’s family law


by John Hemming

Family law, particularly when it involves more than one country, is a complex issue involving a number of very sensitive issues. However, the machinery has been hidden away and is only now partially coming to the surface.

The story of the woman who was sectioned on a visit to Essex, subjected to a forced caesarean and then had her baby put up for adoption had a lot of publicity last year. As a result of this we can see some of the detail behind this.

I always think it is a good idea to look at things from the perspective of the children. Her baby daughter is now one. She has two sisters. Families are important to people and sibling relationships are important to children and adults.

When she gets to…

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