Just FYI Champs xoxo

So we are 7 months in from the last time in Court as Judge Ross Dugan said in his last order “if” you are being raised in a decent loving home you will be taught to acknowledge gifts and card etc 

Well it is very clear that this is not the case in the McClure family from Chester that are still keeping you hostage thus I Will not be sending any further gifts or card going forward. 

All funds from the estate  are now in your trust plus any extras I will now only add to this fund in cash , this fund will be released to you on your 23 Birthday in South Africa , details will be forwarded to you by post , you will need you idendenty documents etc in your full names and surnames as per your birth certificates , should you not come forward within 12 months of your 23rd Birthday all funds will be given as a charitable donation in your names to Sungardens Hospice Lynwood Pretoria whom helped me to care for Ouma and Oupa at home until they both passed away this year, this way we ensure that Jayne will never ever , ever get her dirty hands on any of your money again.

Love you both to the moon and back a billion times ……

Always in my heart always in my thoughts …..

Love you Little men 

Dad xoxo

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