From Trudi for Oupa xoxo

Tomorrow we gather in memory and to pay our respects to a much loved person who touched so many people’s lives through his life’s journey. Steve Ferreira, AKA “‘Faantjie”. My heart goes out to Ma Hester and Phill, what you been through the past 5 months, no one should have to endure. You truly honoured Steve’s wishes and I can’t even begin to imagine the pain and sorrow it must have caused. Thank you. Only time will heal your wounds, but I don’t think anything could ever fill the void that this wonderful man has left behind.
Pa Steve, I will be forever grateful for all of life’s leasons you had to share. The very valuable principals and morals you had to teach, sometimes blunt but always true. I know you always refered to yourself as a “Leeu” but deep down you had a heart of gold and a laugh that would roar from deep within.

You were such a talented man with such enthusiasim and vigour for life. Your creativity and skill had no bounds.

Your legacy will live forever here on earth, as you wait for us to join you in heaven one day soon.

Thank you for touching my childrens lives and for not only loving me as a daughter, but touching Rudolf’s life too.

Thank you for all the wonderful memories we have to cherish.

I will fondly remember all your wonderful stories that would make us laugh and still do. All your expresions that you would express so seriously but make us smile on the inside.

Thank you for kindness, thank you for your love and thank you that we could have been a part of your life……….

We were truly blessed to have you in our lives and will carry you in our hearts forever.

I will forever long to hear “Hello meisiekind………..” 

With all my love.

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