Dealing With Bossy People

During a recent conversation, we heard our alienating parent described as “bossy.” The person we were communicating with was being very gracious, and very reluctant to speak badly about someone she really didn’t know …..but she did have to admit that our alienating parent was, well ….. bossy. This person is not our alienating parent’s […]

Coping with PTSD and Anxiety Disorders

If you have PTSD or an anxiety disorder, some days you have to take breaks between your tasks. Different people are triggered by different things and becoming overloaded can result in a complete meltdown or panic attack. Pushing through your day without a break to calm yourself will drain you. It can take a lot […]

The Madonna Complex: What Not to Do in Post Separation Parenting

This is a featured blog post on Huffington Post today. In London the high profile ‘custody’ battle between Madonna and Guy Ritchie for the care of their son Rocco continues. Meanwhile in Australia, reports of Madonna weeping on stage accompany reviews of her shows. Whilst none of us can know the inside story of this […]

It Does Not Matter Where You Are Coming From. All That Matters Is Where You Are Going – Brian Tracy

Every moment can be the first moment of something great, if we allow it to be. It doesn’t matter what you’ve been though, good or bad. It doesn’t matter if your goal is miles ahead of you and you’ve only taken the first step. What matters is that you have a goal, and you are…