One thought on “On the way home Champs xoxo 

  1. Just like Facebook, sometimes I’d like an Unlike button. I was fortunate during my extended separation and divorce. My ex was a great dad who provided for the children, as well as me, more than the court would have awarded. And he was among the lowest of the middle class. We shared a divorce lawyer and even stood on the same side of the courtroom – we’d already agreed upon everything before coming to court. He saw the kids every weekend and very rarely missed. I know how fortunate I (and the kids) were.

    I can tell your kids are fortunate to have you as well. You’re a balance in their lives. Men don’t hear this enough, so here it is: you are a good dad and you deserved the kids and they would likely be better with you. The court system IS BIAS in favor of mothers and I think that sucks for fathers.

    Your children will likely turn out to be OK because you are there and you are fighting for them. I admire that about you.


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