Footprints xoxo

“Never push a man to the point where he no longer fears the consequences of his actions” – With or without fear.. when you get to this point is when you show unbelievable restraint not to act on your instincts of raw impulsive emotion. Even if taking action would be be justified, you show inner strength in restraining because you are a civilized. – But remember, Especially if fighting the good fight, All living things defend themselves and their young. Civilization is oppressively restraining those natural instincts to defend even when being attacked. All civilizations and territories were built on defending attacks.. and war shows no mercy.

2 thoughts on “Footprints xoxo

  1. Some living things eat their young. I survived the living “things” (a narcissist and a sadist) that raised me by being very, very observant and mindful of my place in the pack – the runt. I was cast out when I choose a my own mate (a decent/loving person) and almost died on the streets. Help was offered, but only if I married their choice of mate – another N. That’s when I lost control of my reproductive rights, and then my rights. Even at 30, I was being eaten alive.

    I clung to that husband because I wanted to be loved. But I knew it would never happen. During separation I met a nice guy and we became best friends. It took 8 years for him to convince me that I was good enough for him. And it took another 15 to cut the grip of those “things” that had me in bondage my entire life.

    I now pass the mirror and actually startle myself sometimes. Who is that woman? I have no idea – but I’m working on it.


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