Merry Christmas OliOsc xoxo 

So here we are Little Men the 3 rd year that this house does not have a Christmas tree anymore ….. For Ouma , Oupa and I this weeks is unfortunately just one more week…..

I hope you both are doing very well and that you are safe and happy , I bet you must be pretty excited for Santa to come see you both shortly , we have sent your gifts ,cards  and Video from Santa to Chester , not sure if you got them as per normal …

Be that as it may I just want to wish you both a very , very , very Merry Christmas and tell you both that I miss you both so very much and I am really sorry that I am still not allowed to wish you or even say hello in person but just know , always in my heart always in my thoughts…..

Hope to see you both as always the past 3 years under our big old green tree in dream land for some big  bear dream cuddles and giggles 😀

Happy Holidays boys ! 
Love you both to the moon and back a billions times and miss you both so very much more …..

Speak soon Champs …. Love you always no matter what ! 
Dad xoxo 


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