10 months of indirect contact under Crapcass FAO 

So just did my 2nd last video indirect contact for the boys …end Sept is the last one I guess , thus these are getting harder to do as 10 months under the cafcass FAO I have yet to have a response or an acknowledgment if in fact Olioc has ever seen these …
Cafcass has said they are walking away end of Sept as Jayne is refusing to change the no contact and they do not want to cause her stress but suggest I spend loads more money and take her back to Court so they can get put back on the case and make more money off us but achieve zero progress , this after they banned me from taking her back to Court for 5 years ….
Got to love UK and for that matter Global Family law 

3 thoughts on “10 months of indirect contact under Crapcass FAO 

  1. I am so sorry you are still having such a battle. these “people” (your ex) can carry a grudge and be vicious beyond anything humanly possible. She feeds off of your pain, maybe if you back off she will tire of the game. It is so hard to know, my ex haunts me to this day, squashing anything good that comes my way. Sometimes I wonder if I shut down my blog if he would finally move along. But it is a matter of principle and I understand why you can’t or haven’t walked away. Good luck.


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