Mind bending: Understanding the world of the alienated child

Karen Woodall

One of the most difficult tasks that we undertaken at the Family Separation Clinic is helping the rejected parent to understand how the alienated child experiences the world.  When a child has turned against you and has become angry and rejecting or fearful and phobic, it can be the most horrifying experience to witness and be on the receiving end of.  Some children will tell lies about a parent, others will take up arms against them and a significant group will be recruited in the most poisonous and pernicious of reactions, where they become the conduit for the other parent’s hatred. However children express their rejection and whether it has arrived suddenly and starkly or slowly but insidiously, not taking it personally is one of the first tasks a rejected parent must learn. Learn this fast and you can avoid some of the pitfalls that come with an alienation reaction…

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