Daily update for my Boys 28 May 2015


Hello Champs !

Hope you both are doing great and had a fun day full of fun and giggles ……

I found this photo today , it was the last day 4 May 2013 the 3 of us were allowed to spend some normal fun time together , unfortunately Simon McClure photo bombed us , it is funny how he was fine that day and weeks later he was the one that tried to black mail me and sell me time with you both if I gave Jayne McClure more money …. nice family , I see Lauren McClure is in the back also Jayne use to use her facebook to stalk me, sad really to know what these people all have done ……


This one I had to share also , this is Steve McClure and his late wife , Steve is the one who caused all this mess to be honest but I guess now that his wife is dead all he does all day is drink as that is what he did most days and slap the poor women around and abuse her as I am sure he is now abusing you both also when he is drunk as Jayne is to scared of him because he use to be so abusive with her and Simon while they were growing up , breaking phones etc. sure she will tell you the stories ones he is dead also , we can only hope and pray that will be sooner rather than later.


And seeing that today is the day to expose the abusing alienators we have to add a photo od Jayne McClure just to make sure when people see her in the street also they know who she is and what she is doing ….. as she can only play the victim for so long I think

My day was OKI DOKI , need to finish my packing tonight for the weekend , it should be a nice one with some good friends so looking forward to it 🙂

Not sure what time I will be able to write tomorrow night but will try and check in with you monkeys when I can.

I hope you two have lots of fun plans for the weekend also I think it must be the start of the Summer School Holidays in the UK if I don’t have it wrong so hope you are ready for a great Summer ………

Ouma and Oupa sends their love and cyber cuddles also , I spoke to them via email this morning while they had signal ,

So Little Men , just want to wish you both happy dreams full of fun , smiles and sunshine and as always I can not wait to see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dreamland for some dream bear cuddles and smiles.

Love you both thhhhiiiiiisssssssssss much and  miss you plenty much more ……….

Love you Muppets ……


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