Daily update for my Boys 27 May 2015


Hey Champs !

How are you both doing today? I hope very , very fine , LOL

Well I had a silly start to my day , when I got up this morning it was raining cats , dogs and donkeys I think  here in the City but I thought hey , its one of the largest cities in the World how hard can it be to get a taxi , no need to book one , LOL well…. big mistake it took the Concierge from my apartment over an hour to get me one … thus I got to the office mega late … as you know I hate being late , OCD yes , yes I know but that’s me 🙂

Most of my day went into Skype conference calls in the end but got loads done but this still meant that I am sitting here at my kitchen counter with 3 tons of paper work I need to try and clear off tonight…. so no fun plus I need to go shopping also as I just looked and the content of the fridge is now 3 x extra large jumbo cans of sugar free Red Bull and a bottle of water , good thing I brought some Jolly Jammers with from South Africa last week or I might need to start eating the wall paper in a bit 🙂

I am heading to the factory on Friday to sort a couple of things so I guess its good that I have not unpacked my case yet.

I see my McClure stalkers have now all disappeared off Facebook last night after I have started writing the blog again , I guess what my Dad always says about them is true , they are a true example of yellow skin bustards and cowards on top of that

I do however note Sheila McClure the old lady living in the council flat in Liverpool for whom I had to lie to get this flat is still following the blog via email subscription , guess these pathetic low life council estate scum will never stop stalking me as they are too scared to not know what is going on in my life sad really , I guess all we can do is pity them , just breaks my heart as I always say that you both have to suffer the daily abuse from this scum.

But hey on the bright side of things now that you are 4 its less than 12 years before you can pack up and leave them in the dumpsters they belong and come from.

Well Little Men , I need to go , this admin is not going to get done by the tooth fairy tonight that I am sure off LOL

So as always I hope you both will have happy fun dreams of being free from these child abusers one day and I cant wait to see you both later tonight under our big old green tree in dreamland , pack your rain coats maybe as you might need them for here , big dream cuddles and cyber hugs for you both

Miss and love you both big boats full and miss you so much more..

Love you my Little Super Stars …

Dad xoxo

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