First daily update in some time Little Men 26 May 2015

Hello Champs,

Hope you both are doing really , really well …… sorry I have not written on the blog for some time but I have been doing video updates for you both since Sept 2014 , these are sent to Peter Morey from Cafcass , and he is suppose to make sure you see them but as I am sure you know now while you are reading this is that he has been lying about this for months , the first one took 2 months for him to view as he did not know how to use dropbox , then he told me Jayne does not have a computer so you can not view it , I then had to email him the police reports and photo of you both in Jayne’s house in Chester using the computer her and her father Steve McClure stole from my house , I must admit I am pretty sure she sold this for booz and drug money after I bought you your Ipad which you only got in Sept last year.

As I am sure you know Jayne has been blocking all contact and lying to you both that I and my family do not want to see you , but I hope to post all the court stuff and emails since Sept over the next couple of days in the evening so you can read for your self what I have suggested and offered but all she wants is cash if you read her email , no regard for what you both need.

Crapcass spoke to me last week and suggested that I come see you both for 2 days in July , I have agreed to do this but as you can see from the email I posted today Jayne once again have decided to continue her emotional abuse of you both and crapcass is very happy to support this behavior.

I am sure all hell will now be loose again because I have opened the blog today and will be doing the same with your Twitter , Facebook and Youtube channels as it is very clear that this will be the only way we 3 will ever have contact and for you both to know what Jayne has done to you both with the support of the whole McClure Family who by the way now all live in Chester.

Thus boys I am really sorry that Jayne and the McClures still wants to continue in this manner but todays email was in my mind a declaration of war , breaks my heart that you both will have to deal and be trapped by these child abuser until you are  18.

But putting that all aside , just want to let you both know I am doing ok , I guess or as ok as can be expected , work is still a bit crazy , traveling loads and only getting around 4 days at home every 6 weeks now but I guess keeping busy is a good thing.

Well Muppets just want to as always wish you both sweet happy dreams and hope to see you both under our big old green tree in dreamland tonight for some extra big bear dream cuddles and giggles.

Miss and love you both around the world and back a billion time , today and always…..

Love you Champs

Dad xoxo

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