Man dressed as Santa fined after climbing Glasgow’s Duke of Wellington statue

New Fathers 4 Justice - Superhero Dads

A man dressed as Santa has been fined for climbing on an iconic Glasgow statue.

The 51-year-old was nabbed after climbing on top of the city’s famous Duke of Wellington statue.

He climbed on top of the “cone head” statue in the city’s Royal Exchange Square on Wednesday afternoon.

Crowds were seen gathering round Santa as police urged him to get down.

A police source said: “Don’t worry, it’s not the real Santa.

“A throughout investigation has taken place.”

Police and community wardens were also seen below the statue asking the man to get down.

Pictures of the incident were posted on social networking websites.

He taken into a police van by onlookers.

The Herald understands the man dressed as Santa is the founder of a ‘Fathers 4 Justice’ style group called ‘Kids Have Rights 2’.

Ricky McConnell  set up the organisation earlier after claiming a woman he had a…

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