Superhero Dads Close down Exeter Cafcass for the day

New Fathers 4 Justice - Superhero Dads

It may not be the biggest or most theatrical protest in history, but these guys certainly had an impact on CAFCASS. Faced with a legitimate demonstration outside their Exeter offices, CAFCASS shut up shop and went home for the day! Just goes to show that you can make a difference. Rather hoping that they’ll be targeting our offices later on, as I could do with a day off. Unfortunately, we’re not funded by the government out of the misery of others, so I guess we’ll be working until 5 as usual…

New F4J Cafcass ExeterExeter CAFCASS (3)

Exeter CAFCASS (4)

Exeter CAFCASS (5)

Exeter Cafcass 08.12.14Exeter CAFCASS (1)

Exeter CAFCASS (2)

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