Me and my dyslexia …..l


As a dyslexic since around 5 years old I have spent years on improving it , yes some things have gone right some not but one things all my younger years of fighting has done is give me an abnormal memory to remember , facts , dates , names and mathematical error spotting in them in a glance on very large amounts of data … Funny how as a person you are able to repair parts of this problem but not all , but I must say it has given me the ability to do my job at an abnormal high standard and build relationships with people without them ever for one minute knowing this about me , in my final year of school I was allowed double time in all my final exams but yet I was the first person to complete all the exam papers always , my level of comprehension in reading is today said to be above 95% which again is not normal for a dyslexic , putting labels on children and people because a ‘ professional ‘ says you have something or are something is very wrong as by doing this you / us are forcing that child / person into believing they have limitations , which I believe is totally and utterly wrong ! Nothing is impossible if you try and are not scared of falling and learning.

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