Peter Morey you are a lying ‘scum-bag’ child abuser#cafcass

Mr Peter Morey ,

You forget to mention , I have asked to see our boys for Christmas last year , then again in Feb when I was in the UK , them for their Birthday in May and now again in September and you are the cause of blocking contact with the help of Steve McClure , hope you will tell the truth in Court as the transcripts from Feb hearing will proof you a liar Sir !







2 thoughts on “Peter Morey you are a lying ‘scum-bag’ child abuser#cafcass

  1. wow, what a contradiction. Interesting it is his ‘professional opinion’ that the surnames be changed, HOWEVER “it is not in the best interest to have the father’s parental responsibility removed”. So what I read here is, based on your “BLOG” as stated numerous times in these ‘findings’ YOUR children do not warrant carrying your last name, yet you still have a parental responsibility? Removing a child’s surname does not and will not ‘protect’ them in the future. This is one of the saddest cases of parental alienation I have seen, with the help of ONE man. Is this because you show the very real flaws of the court/Cafcass? Are these ‘recommendations’ done in the best interest of the children? Or for themselves {Peter and the ex}? Yes, you should definitely follow the court supervised visitation, and show good faith at building a relationship with the children, even as dictated by the courts/Cafcass. What you should NOT do is allow the same people to block/discourage a relationship with your sons. Sad, just so very sad. The kids end up loosing the most.


    • Hi Tela , thank you for your comment as always πŸ™‚ , as you know I have tried to follow the contact guide by making the requests etc to see the boys but that has been ignored each and every time since Dec , but that gets left out from the new recommendation , I guess I expected nothing more from Peter Morey for exposing his incompetence ! It’s not a our our boys for these people anymore and never was , it’s a control and ego thing ! But yet I am the narc !


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