Dial 999 for a Big Mac

New Fathers 4 Justice - Superhero Dads

When ‘New Fathers 4 Justice’ activists Archi Ssan and Steve Dawe came down from the arch at Hyde Park gate they we put in the police car with a few officers and got ferried to Mcdonalds, KFC and a newsagents for some fags for Archi Ssan.

It now appears that if you dial 999 you can now get an Ambulance, Fire Engine or Big Mac!!

Archi’s son RS was with them and has written his account of events below

On the fourth day Jean and Micheal came down, and Dad and Steve were going to, however due to the police not allowing any hot food up to the structure they decided to stay two more days!

Anyway on the last day, I arrived at the scene just after Midday and there was already quite a few people there from empowerment Mondays. Dad and Steve had been on 500/600 calories a…

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