Narcissism Is an Identity Disorder

After Narcissistic Abuse

who-am-i- (1)


Isn’t this obvious as the light of day? They have no clue who they really are. There’s no deep spiritual well from which they can express themselves. They’re as flat as a carboard cut out. My guess is that a narcissist would opt to be one if they could, because of the relief they’d feel over not having anyone expect anything from them. Just so long as everyone thought the cardboard cut out was attention worthy.


Identity is about SUBSTANCE and FABRIC; essence and spirit.


When is the last time you’ve heard a narcissist described with such depth? Their depth is a framework of abnormal constructs & structures.


Their “identity” although permanently FIXED in disorder, is a fragile, mobile, versatile little creature. Like taking off one mask, in order to wear another, they can quickly morph into what they think is cool and appealing about others…

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