6 thoughts on “Troll News , I see Sheila McClure of Liverpool still follows your blog Champs

  1. you know phil im gettting told dont start fighting walsall social services
    else the concequences will be drastic
    im been told to be silent
    im been backed in to a corner and having to fight on my own
    so my kids need help they are been told to shut up
    they have been mistreated and more
    so i just be a good girl and keep quiet
    is that what iv got to do keep silent


    • Clare you know my thoughts on this , don’t ever let people bully you , you need to fight for what is right for you children , you and I have had many , many long conversations , I can’t tell you what to do , nor would I profess to know all the details of your case but if you know you are right I would say fight ! Fight with all you have left in you , you know what , the best advice I have ever had in my 18 month struggle was from a lovely lady called Ann and Lancaster family Court , you know what she wrote to me in an email once ‘ all you can do is try to do your best’ that hit home to me as it is very true words as we all are up against a system that does not want to know the truth as that will expose the corruption , child abuse and incompetence of the Courts ,SS ,Cafcass , Police and all the other people ….follow your heart , you will make the right decision 🙂 xoxo


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