Daily update for my Boys 5 August 2014










Good evening Little Men !

I hope my Champs are oki doki Loki and safe today !

It’s almost 8 pm here , just got back to the hotel , I had a good day got loads of the admin from the other projects of my desk and had way to much Skype calls from Dubai today , but least we have made some progress.

I assume you both have seen the new Court order today that says they are leaving Peter Morey’s new application for blocking court action for 5 years , what I still find amusing here is I am not the one that keeps running back to court but in fact your alcoholic drug addicted surrogate and her alcoholic father Steve McClure but I get the blame , guess that is normal with Peter Morey as he does not take the time to look at facts nor has the man in 18 months responded to any email directed to him , I see he has gone on Holiday for a week now and as normal he has not responded to the issue re contact on 21 Sept , boys this man and his legal team is going to look such asses in Court not to mention the McClures !

O I also today received the order from 4 Dec with the warning notice to your surrogate re contact denial , so only 7 months for the Court to fix their mistake I had to point out to them on what the guide lines are for Contact orders under the Children’s act , to which I might add I have the written confirmation from a Judge Singleton that she , the Court and your legal team are incompetent ! Then they ask why do I blog all this stuff ! Because these people are incompetent child abusers nothing else , just like the McClure family

I had a very interesting call from a UK recruitment agency looking for your surrogate today so I took full advantage to tell them a little about her and how she had never been able to keep a job and her drink and drug problem , the girl said no wonder she got sacked from her first job in Dubai after the 2 months and then had two leave the 2nd one after a month because she thought she could tell her boss Rachel what to do like she tried with Matt , so I gave the lady both their contact details to confirm what I have told her , I also said I am happy to send her the medical records to show the surrogate had been on antidepressants since the late 1980’s because she is fat and have no friends and are not able to make friends and then keep them due to her horrible personality which she gets from Steve McClure her child abusing father ! Lovely lady , like she said to me the UK is a small place and all the recruitment people know each other , she knows the alcoholic Jane Vincent also and just said , O don’t even let me start about that women , she said Suzanne was lovely which I agreed with and I told her how your surrogate bad mouthed her partner Andrew.

So I guess as this was one of the top 5 agencies in the UK this girl will make sure people know and are warned to stay away from Jayne.

Well champs not a great deal more news here today I am afraid , I need to go get a bite and maybe some shopping , I am in desperate need of my morning Red Bull and some nice Docker short that fit ! Lol

So as always Champs I will see you both a little later then under our big old green tree in dreamland …packing you both some nice flavourful curry dream cuddles ….

Night , night Little Men …happy dreams of endless possibilities and Karma as the saying goes ……

Love you both so very , very much and miss you so ,so very , very ,very much more ….

Love you Muppets ….always ….

Dad xx

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