Lancaster Family court Helen Haynes #liar # incompetent


So boys see the email below , Helen Haynes tells me today there is no Court orders after 11 June , so when I asked why is the surrogate and Cafcass and me filing documents then she can’t answer me , she also denies that her and I spoke on Thursday last week when Paul was on Holiday , yesterday Paul told me Helen is with Jeremy to get the directions , today she tells me she only spoke with Jeremy re the new application from Cafcass …all I can say when Ann dealt with our case we had no issues …

How incompetent is the staff from Lancaster Court and Jeremy Rwakins ? Scary if you ask

From: “Hynes, Helen”
Date: 31 July 2014 16:37:23 GMT+2
To: ‘Phill Ferreira’
Subject: RE: Order.

Dear Mr Ferreira
Thank you for sending this to me. As I said to you earlier I will of course discuss this with Paul on his return and we shall go through your file and ensure that if there are any directions that we are not complying with, or any document that we have not forwarded to you, we shall deal with them forthwith.

From: Phill Ferreira []
Sent: 31 July 2014 15:20
To: Hynes, Helen; Lancaster County, Family
Subject: FW: Order.

so if there is no order after 11 June what is this ?

Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2014 12:49:38 +0100
Subject: Order.

Mr Ferreira,

Please find attached sealed court order for your attention.

Please note, the guidance in part 3, paragraph 8 will follow in a seperate email.

Kind Regards.

On behalf of HMCTS.
I am not authorised to bind the Ministry of Justice contractually, nor to make representations or other statements which may bind the Ministry of Justice in any way via electronic means.

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