Daily update for my Boys 30 July 2014








Good evening Little Men!

I hope my little muppets are oki doki today 🙂

Well it’s been a little bit of a sad day here but also happy , I went with Ouma and Oupa to go put some flowers on your Great Ouma’s grave , it’s her birthday today , boys you both would have loved her , she was always so much fun , always ready for a joke and a giggle ….standing there today made me regret that the surrogate and I did not come home from Dubai for her funeral but we just had so much on the go , or so we thought , little did we know 30 days later we would be on that Qatar airways flight to South Africa for your Oom Jaco’s ( my brothers funeral) , I guess this just again made me think of what our family has endured the past 6 years with losing not just these to funny bunnies 🙂 but all the others also, I guess that’s still the main reason Ouma is struggling so much , as she keeps telling me you both were brought into our lives for the two we have lost and yet we are stuck in this mess created by the surrogate and Steve that nor me or Ouma and Oupa can have you in our lives.

Like Ouma said today what the two faced old Steve McClure told her on the phone was that the patents should stay out of the divorce and it must not effect their relationship with each other and you but yet who was the one that caused 99% of the issues and mess you are trapped in today ???yes you guessed it , the sociopath old drunk Steve McClure …guess we all should have known better.

Back to today , it’s been nice and bright here but still a little cold , I am enjoying my last couple of off days ….

O before I forget I see the Eastbourne pier burned down today ! We use to take you muppets walking on there when we stayed in Horam , it was a lovely old Pier and lovely memories of you both trying to have some fries from the vendor on the pier but more you both just wanted to walk around and ride on the Thomas outside the ice cream shop 🙂

So all and all a strange day , plenty of thoughts and emotions about you both , Jaco and my Ouma , plenty of stories about them also that made us giggle , so I guess as long as we have our memories they will always be part of our lives and that goes for you both also ….always …

I found some really lovely photo’s of you both last night , I think they are a couple of months old but the newest once I have ! I must say you both have grown so much ! Made me sad to see it , I see you Oscar had the jumper on I bought for you in November last year when I saw you last and you Oliver had the green jacket the surrogate stole from Boots ( long story ) but she stuck a security cloth tag pin in your foot Oscar and then blamed the store so they felt so bad they gave her what she wanted , you know that’s what she use to do , buy stuff from Boots on sale , get the points and then after the sale take it back to an other store and say it was a gift and they would give her full credit for it , use to drive me mad and I called her the a Boots banded as she stole hundreds of pounds each year from Boots in this way , well that’s your surrogate Jayne Elizabeth McClure aka Jayne Ferreira , so if any people working for Boots read this blog , go check her account you can save your chain big money by getting her behind bars, as she was always very proud when she pulled off the con ! She is a career criminal nothing more !

Well Champs , I shall see you both shortly under our big old green tree in dreamland …..looking forward to my double O dream bear cuddles ….

Night , night Champs , sweet dreams of not becoming shoplifters like Jayne one day !

Love you both around the world and back and miss you to the moon and back …

Love you Little Men ….always ….

Dad xx

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