22 Photos that prove Kids need to have a pet!

Can not agree more πŸ™‚



22 Photos that prove Kids need to have a pet!

If only I could convince my household that we could have a dog, although Im fully aware that the reason we cant is completely logical. I know that, even though we share Tasco while we are on holiday, Daniel would love to have a puppy.

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Talking about Narcissists… and Woundology

An Upturned Soul

Caroline Myss

When I first started blogging about my experience of Narcissists, I was hesitant in what I said. There were many reasons for my hesitancy, all of which were part of my personal wound. The major one being that I had spent so long trapped in silence that I wasn’t sure if I could speak out about it, I was doubtful that I had the voice, the words, to express myself.

In the past when I had tried to discuss these things I was shoved back into myself, told to shut up in one form or another by the world outside of me.

Sometimes those who wanted to silence me were Narcissists. Sometimes they were those who were not Narcissists but they were supporters of the Narcissists, fooled by them as I had once been fooled, buying into the neat and palatable reality which Narcissists know how to weave for their…

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Twee vroue en ‘n boodskap


148452_525850100776539_711392447_nVerlede jaar September tref β€˜n orkaan my.Β  Vir vyf maande woed dit voort, en toe ek nie meer β€˜n krieseltjie hoop, of krag oor het nie, is hy uitgewoed en kom daar kalmte.Β  Maar soos die dokter sΓͺ jou liggaam is soos β€˜n boom, as hy groot stres gevang het gooi hy sy blare af, en my liggaam begin toe my hare afgooi, en hou nie op nie, en dit veroorsaak natuurlik meer stres.Β  Lang storie kort, ek bly moeg, en huil oor alles… en my hare bly uitval.

Gisteraand bel Ken.Β  Ongelukkig is dit op β€˜n baie lae oomblik, en ek grens soos β€˜n baba. Vanoggend ontvang ek β€˜n baie simpatieke boodskap van hom af, en net toe ek wou antwoord sien ek daar is β€˜n Fb boodskap vir my.Β  Ek maak gou oop en lees dit.Β  Dit is van RonΓͺl, β€˜n β€œvriendin” uit ons vroeΓ«r jare daar tussen…

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Daily update for my Boys 24 June 2014









Hello Little Men!

How are my Champs doing today ? I hope very , very fine πŸ™‚

Well it is just passed 7 pm local time , I am still at the factory but I need a break as I have been knee deep in agreements and spreadsheets all day !

We had a good day here all and all , the lads are all still here as we have a client from Afghanistan here and as normal one of our suppliers turned up at 6 pm with a full truck of raw material that needs to be off loaded thus I think we will still be here a while…..

It feels like I still have a million things to try and finish before I leave here on Sunday , but hey such is life , pretty sure we will get it all over the line πŸ™‚

I have still not started packing , guess that will know be left for Saturday night , lol , need something to do before my flight as there is no point in trying to sleep for 3 or 4 hours before I have to head to the airport , might have to have an extra crocodile energy drink πŸ™‚ , I think I am use to them now not out of choice but due to the fact the the UK shops here still does not have red bull in stock. As they say when in Rome and all that ….lol

What I have noticed today that for some very strange reason I seem to be understanding a lot more Urdu than what I did even a week ago , or my my sixth sense and sign langue is just getting better πŸ™‚ , my South African English accent is taking a beating , I don’t know why but as South African most of us speak , read and write more than one langue but when we are around people whom we believe do not understand us we speak louder and try to copy their accent , this of course makes as look like full and sound stupid but hey people understand us better and we are able to get our message across πŸ™‚

I can’t believe this month now is 7 months since I have seen you both or been allowed to speak with you monkey , you must have grown so much by now , breaks my heart but what to do as they say !

I will defo see you muppets under our big old green tree in dreamland , looking forward to my little O dream cuddles and smiles …

Night , night Champs ….happy dreams of seeing you both maybe one day again …

Love and miss you both mega big lots….

Love you Little Men ….always ..

Dad xx

17 Things You Have To Let Go Of When You Want To Get Your Sh*t Together


17 Things You Have To Let Go Of When You Want To Get Your Sh*t Together

According to this article, more and more individuals feeling capable of great things, we have created what many are now calling a quarter-life crisis.It used to be that when people would reach the age of 50, they would stop to reexamine their lives, remind themselves of all the things that they wanted to accomplish, and are faced with the realization of how little they actually managed to pull off.

Apparently our generation has much higher aspirations than any other generation before us. More people believe in themselves and because of this fact, more people expect more from themselves – and they expect it much sooner. Generation-Y doesn’t want to retire at 60. We want to retire at 30.

Do you agree that one has to give up all these 17 things to become successful?

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Daily update for my Boys 23 June 2014








Good evening Little Men !

Hope my muppets are well and had a lovely Monday !

My day started out a bit upside down , I had a call early morning to inform me that one of our guys was in a motorcycle accident late last night and was in hospital and badly hurt , turns out as normal here he was not wearing a helmet and thus had a head injury.

I just put the phone down after taking that call to be informed the political guy that was returning today to Islamabad to start some protests against the government , his flight was diverted to Lahore and once the Emirates flight landed he would not get off the aircraft if the army was not willing to guarantee his safety , so this meant that both City’s went into lock down , one of our guys was stuck overnight trying to enter Islamabad for some meetings but had to turn back after sitting on the motorway for hours as the police blocked the road into the City with shipping containers !

So we had to find an alternative route to my hotel as the tension in the City is a little high still with loads of roads being blocked by people and the police , I guess we will have to see what will happen overnight , I hope things stay calm as I need to try and see the week out here to finish up πŸ™‚

It was so much cooler here today and we had a little rain en route back into town also , so perhaps the heat wave has now been broken. Good news in my book ! Lol

Before I forget , I got a notification of a new follower on your blog whom I thought I recognise the name , and yes it was a friend from Dubai and she has also now started to blog , I must say her writing is so much better than mine , she has loads of talent and I guess puts a lot of thought into what she writes , were I just write what I think but as my target audience is only 3 years old πŸ™‚ , I guess that’s ok for know – as I said to her today – love your work- πŸ™‚

Still no news from the Court also champs , tomorrow is 1 month now since the matter had been passed to HHJ Jeremy Rawkins , DFJ for Lancashire , not sure how much longer it will take before we get directions from him but wait is all it seems we can do for now !

I really hope you muppets had a good start to your week , only 4 days to go until the weekend πŸ™‚ wahoo hoo!

Well Champs , I need to go get a bite to eat , so I shall see you both as normal a little later under our big old green tree in dreamland ….packing you both some extra nice Summer cool dream cuddles and smiles ….

Night , night Little Men …..happy dreams of big fun and exciting things …

Love you both truck loads full and miss you big trailers full more ……

Love you Champs ….always ….

Dad xx