Daily update for my Boys 30 June 2014





Hello Little Men !

How are my Champs doing on this lovely Monday evening ? I hope well and safe 🙂

Well it turned out to be a bit of a not so productive day , I had to go out to the Mall for a couple of things in the morning as I had no credit on the wifi thing at home so had to go charge it , had to take my dry cleaning in also so I can get met stuff ready to pack again. Then I ended up helping Ouma set up her new blackberry touch screen phone , now the issue here is it looks like a cure and in theory should be pretty easy to set up right ? Think again ! Lol , maybe it is because it has no keyboard , the whole thing is touch screen which I know you two are masters off , me not so much as I have told you before , I seem to be able to manage my IPad ok because the keyboard is bigger but trying to set up email accounts , Bbm , what’s up , twitter etc on a tiny screen keyboard , my worst nightmare ! It took me most of this afternoon and I am still not done but have decided to try again tomorrow , the funny thing is after spending hours to update , configure and set up , Ouma gives it one look and asks , where do I press the numbers if I want to make a call ? Honest answer , I have no clue , lol as I have not been able to figure that part out yet … I think we will have to send Ouma on a six month training course on how to use this beast of a phone , lol

So this all meant that I have to get up really early tomorrow to get my month end stuff done and touch base with the office in PaK , the 3 hour time difference is not helping either at the moment ….but what to do as they say !

My chest is again not great today but it still seems better than last week so I guess that is a good sign.

It’s gone pretty cold here also tonight but yet today I was really hot in the car when I went out , but hey ,it was still bright , bright blue skies and plenty of Sunshine so all good !

I hope you both have had a good start to your week , I was sent some lovely photo’s of you both also today , I see you have had your summer hair cuts , looks pretty cool , the jumpers are a little busy for my liking but maybe you two like them 🙂

Hope to see you both as always a little later under our big old green tree in dreamland , can’t wait for my double O dream cuddles !

Night , night , Champs …sweet dreams …..

Love you both thiiiiiiisssssss much and miss you sooooo much more !

Love you Little Men ….always …..

Dad xx

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