Daily update for my boys 28 June 2014






Good Evening Little Men!

I hope my Champs are doing well and that you both had a fantastic Saturday 🙂

I have just finished packing , so just need to shower in a hour or so before heading to the airport. Not feeling great truth be told , got up this morning with something not so right with my chest , they changed my chest medication last month but I only started using the new inhalers three days ago so not sure if they are not working or if they are a lower dosage but am really struggling to breath , been hitting the Ventolin the whole day but it’s not helping , I will try and get some of my normal stuff in the morning in Dubai and see how it goes….I hate this feeling of not being able to breath or move around without being exhausted……

Over and above not being on top of my game today , we had a good last day here , as I said the other day , I am really proud of the guys here they have done a great job the past 2 months and have looked after me very well , pretty sure they will have a good Ramadan also , I think it starts in Dubai tomorrow thus it will start here on Monday I think , as it is normally one day after Dubai , thinking about it ,it might then have started in the UK already.

So as the saying goes, Ramadan Kareem to all our friends from over the world that celebrate this month 🙂

I hope you monkeys are having a good weekend and perhaps even some sunshine that in turn might allow you some nice fun outside playtime …hope you muppets are making the most of the Summer as the winter in the UK is not so great in my opinion.

Well Champs as I am not getting any sleep tonight I think , I might only see you both very early morning under our big old green tree in dreamland , don’t worry if I am late , go play and have some great big dream adventures and I promise I will see you both for some dream cuddles and smiles before you wake 🙂

Night , night Little Men ……. Happy dreams full of big adventures …..

Love you both more than all the new runways in dxb and miss you more than all the A380’s they have…..

Love you Champs …..always ….

Dad xx

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