Daily update for my Boys 26 June 2014







Good evening Little Men!

I hope my Champs are doing well and that you both are oki doki and safe !

As I am sure you both would have seen we got some directions and new orders today from Judge Jeremy Rawkins the DFJ for Lancashire , as you can see once again it is very , very clear that he has not read the case file nor did he take the time to even quote the orders from his own Court correctly ! Don’t know why I am surprised , I think maybe I hoped based on the fact that he took 30 days to respond that he would take the time to understand this case from its start on 1 April 2013 , but no , once again a 10 minute slapped together response that contradicts all the previous orders and issues.

I can not believe this guy wants more statements , unlike Cafcass and Jayne I have not changed my stance in each and every statement thus far , so I have decided that I Will Not file any more statements , I will write them a very nice response to this new order to confirm this fact and tell them to Read as that is what they are paid for and my position and stance re contact remains the same as what I have suggested in the Feb 2014 statements.

Enough about these incompetent child abusers !

I had a good day here , wrapped up most of the pending things , we have no power at the factory tomorrow again so I will be in town for some meetings most of the day I guess , I have said to the lads that I will see them all at the factory on Saturday again and then we all can have a bite together before I head out πŸ™‚ it’s been a pretty good 2 months , I am really proud and pleased with the local team , they have done a great job.

Just spoke to Ouma and Oupa also after they have read the Court stuff , Ouma is convinced it’s all just a ploy to get me to Court so they can send me to jail , if that is the case , so be it , but as I have said before they better send me down for life ….:-) , at least I will be able to see you monkeys every weekend , so as always each dark cloud has it’s silver lining.

Ouma sounded a little better tonight and they both send all their love and big cuddles πŸ™‚

Well Champs , as always I will see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dreamland ….looking forward to some dream a Little O cuddles and smiles …..

Night , night Little Men …..happy dreams of us 3 spending some time together one day πŸ™‚

Love you both lots and miss you much bigger lots more …

Love you Champs ……always …

Dad xx

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