Daily update for my Boys 25 June 2014







Hello Little Men !

How are you two monkeys doing this evening ? I hope that you are well and safe …….

I had to giggle now , I just had dinner at the Italian restaurant here in the hotel and thus far the past 2 months I have had pizza from them when ever I stopped in , so tonight I decided to live on the wild side and as such I ordered macaroni and cheese , now don’t get me wrong , I know in South Africa we make it with egg and bacon and white sauce , you in the UK again just do plain pasta with white sauce which I personally don’t like , so when I got my meal it looked the part as it was oven baked with loads if nice brown crispy cheese on top …..first bite in and what do I find ? Chicken , corn and pineapple …. So I must say that it was a first for me ! Keep in mind the menu just says macaroni and cheese , no mention of the add in , lol …but hey I was starving so it was not that bad , might even try it again one day πŸ™‚

Over and above my culinary diverse experience a pretty normal day , got lots done at work but had to come to town early as I had to go to the local bank to arrange some swift TT’s , not as painful as what I expected , the traffic back to the hotel , a nightmare ! …. Sounds like a master card add gone wrong , lol

I spoke to Ouma this morning , she seems to not be doing well , not sure what is going on but she did not sound well , and you will never really know the whole story with her when it comes to not being well , but I have told her to go to the Dr , so she tells me yes she is , on 4 Aug ! So I told her that’s just silly she can’t wait for her next follow up at cardiology , she needs to ring them and say something is up , she In turn then tells me very proudly that she has stopped her medication ! Lol , what to do , I some days don’t know who is worse her or Oupa when it comes to going to the Dr. , they both send all their love and big cyber cuddles your way !

I must say I am pretty ready to go home now and enjoy some nice cool weather πŸ™‚ if only for a couple of days ….

So Champs , I hope you both are having a fun week thus far with lots of giggles and plenty of learning ….and that you are safe !

Can’t wait to see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dreamland , looking forward to some dream icy bear cuddles ……

Night , night Little Men ….sweet dreams of happy days πŸ™‚

Love you both around the world and back and miss you both tttthhhhiiiiiisssss much !

Love you , Champs ….always …

Dad xx

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