The Disappearing Act


How many times has the Sociopath in your life disappeared? Do they read this book?


No, they do not. Remember, a Narcissistic Sociopath has terminal adolescence. They should never have to explain what they do, how they do it, or with whom. So when they disappear, only to re-appear do not expect an explanation. And if you do get one, most assuredly it will be a lie , lame excuse.

A Narcissistic Sociopath can disappear for a few hours, to a few days, even a few months with no warning at all. Why do they do this? They will most likely tell you it was because of you! Either something you said, something you didn’t do, or maybe you didn’t feed the goldfish the right way. But the real reason they disappear is they are always moving forward, looking for something to validate them. Be it another person, drugs/alcohol, living…

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