What alienated parents don’t know and what alienating parents don’t tell them

Great post as always Karen , thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

Karen Woodall:

This post is part of the process of finishing off the book I am writing about parental alienation. Coming soon will be our therapeutic coaching services for alienated parents, using an approach which we have developed at the Family Separation Clinic. ย This approach is unique to us and is based upon almost ten years of work with parents who are alienated from their children. It is an approach we are having success with and, combined withour new handbook, it is an approach that we know will put power back into the hands of alienated parents. ย This approach is based upon what alienated parents donโ€™t know and what alienating parents donโ€™t tell them. ย This approach is, in our view, one of the secrets to resolving alienation in children and it puts power into the hands of the people who can do that most effectively of all. ย You.

The approachโ€ฆ

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