Daily update for my Boys 31 May 2014








Good evening Little Men!

Hope you both are great and had a lovely Saturday !

Sorry I am so late , I guess I have missed you before you went to bed ! I ended up going home with the Jenkings 5 and family for a braai after the big birthday bash … You both would have loved today , they had ice cream cake for Madison and two normal cakes for the twins , the place had a huge outdoor jungle-gym , jumping castle , and loads of other play park things even one that looked like an aircraft , I think the little ones had a great day as I did not see them sit or stand still for one minute 🙂 the goodie bags Justine made were also really nice I think all the little friends enjoyed them lots.

I passed by the Marx family en route this morning as I still had Jayden’s gift also to deliver , he made me smile as he is becoming more and more chatty with me now each time he sees me !

I think all the gifts went down well , so a job well done , four little ones have gone to bed tonight with big smiles and dreams of new adventures with all the new toys!

I need to phone the twins next weekend as that is their actual birthday so really looking forward to having a chat with them , sure they will have plenty to tell me about their week 🙂

Tomorrow I need to sort the last bit of my work stuff here and pack as Monday I am off again , the week has now really gone very quick but am looking forward to get back with my guys at the factory as I think June will be a good an interesting month for us all.

Well Champs , really sorry you missed out on a great party today , but maybe one day you can join as I am sure the twins would love having you both around for a bit of fun.

As always Little men , I will join you shortly under our big old green tree in dreamland , packing big party bear dream cuddles for you both ….

Night , night Champs …sweet dreams of lovely summer days …

Love you both lots and lots and miss you today mega lots more ….

Love you Little Men ….always …

Dad xx

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