Daily update for my Boys 29 May 2014




Hello Little Men!

Hope you muppets are well and had a great day !

What a lovely winters day here again 🙂

This week has gone past really quick , can’t believe I have to almost pack already again ….

Ended up spending most of the day in front of my computer and on Skype again today , so much for a little me time this week , lol , but all good lots of good news and plenty of progress and that is the name of the game …. But this all means I have to hit the Mall tomorrow hard for the birthday shopping and some things for my trip and the house…..

I have looked at dates also , and as such have emailed the Court to say the next date I have free to go to jail and or the contested hearing would be last week of August, I had some other plans but that will have to wait , so we shall see what they say but I had to ensure we are all working to the same dates.

Been thinking a lot about you both today , wondering what you are doing and if you are safe and well…just have this gut feeling all is not as it should be , let’s hope my gut might be wrong for the first time ever! Just know you are in my thoughts and heart always …..


Sorry champs , had a very long phone call from Dubai … Just now , so my chain of thought is broken on your email …

But I can’t wait to see you both later under our big old green tree in dreamland ….. Looking forward to my little O dream cuddles …

Night , night muppets ….happy dreams …..

Love you both lots and lots and miss you lots and lots and more lots more …

Love you Champs ….always …

Dad xx

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