Grief Management after the Narcissist

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

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The period after the Narcissist leaves or your implementing No Contact is often a time of not only shock, but of personal disaster.  It feels like you’re floating in the middle of the ocean, with no life preserver and no land in sight.  It’s also when you feel extremely alone, even if you are in the company of your children or well-meaning friends.

Along with other dynamics that developed in the toxic relationship, not being able to manage grief effectively is often a catalyst that sends people crawling back to their abuser or leaving the door wide open to months or years of further mistreatment.

Following are suggestions that will help you endure the state of disbelief you feel when the Narcissist finally leaves and files for divorce, or after you’ve implemented No Contact (and perhaps filed for divorce yourself).

processing grief

Let it Sink In

The most common reaction most victims…

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