Daily update for my Boys 27 May 2014











Hello Little Men!

Hope you muppets are doing very well….

I got some emails from Lancaster and Preston Court to confirm that tomorrow’s hearing is now definitely off until we receive direction from Judge Rawkins , the Court also confirmed that they received my open letter to Judge Rawkins and all the attachments and have passed these to him , so it seems now we wait and see how he wants to handle our case going forward. I will keep you post if I get any news in this regard 🙂

I had dinner with Ouma and Oupa tonight , they both send all their love and big cyber cuddles for you , O and I had some of your birthday cake ! I think you monkeys would have loved it , it is chocolate , very , very nice….

Had a fair bit of work stuff to sort today but I did manage to have a lie in, must be being back in my own bed … I slept well for the first time in ages …

Been able to also get my hair cut in the end , yes , yes I know I have been trying to go for weeks I know , but it is done now , lol , shirts are also in for pressing and folding so most of the domestic stuff on my to do list is now done ! , I think I need to sort a full time house keeper again 🙂

I am trying to see some friends also before I leave again , so looks like I am going to see B on Thursday after work , the J’s the weekend for the big birthday party and I will check with the M’s tomorrow as I still need to give J his birthday gift also as I have not seen them since he turned 3 last month , I see he had grommets done also now , but he seems oki doki 🙂

It was a great winters day here , bright , sunny and warm as winter should be in Africa ….


How cool is this pic boys ? Really hope you two get to see them in real life one day soon ….

Tomorrow I need to go shopping for my trip and also the birthday gifts so a busy mall day ahead …should be fun …..

Well Champs , can’t wait to see you both later under our big old green tree in dreamland …packing you some more nice warm African winter bear cuddles ….

Night , night , dream big of fun days exploring the wild in Africa one day 🙂

Love you both truck loads full and miss you oil tankers full ……

Love you Little Men , Always …

Dad xx

3 thoughts on “Daily update for my Boys 27 May 2014

    • Thank you for re-blogging , I have been reading your story over the last couple of weeks , it breaks my heart but well done for telling your story as the more we speak up and share the issues maybe one day it will make a difference for a mum , dad or little one , if not for ours 🙂


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