The Inevitable Loss of Dignity inside Narcissistic Abuse

Morning Kim , thank you for this felt like I was reading a page in a book about my life the past 5 years …..

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

dignity-grave sepia

I talk to people rather frequently who’ve come out of the relationship with their Narcissist and cannot seem to work through their feelings of anger and resentment.  This is natural; something we all go through.  After all, we gave and gave to the Narcissist, believing the problems in the relationship were our fault.  We tried harder, became more forgiving.  We swept their transgressions under the rug and perhaps even told them we knew they didn’t mean to hurt us.  As humans we aren’t perfect, right?

I also talk to people who are in denial about their situation.  They start thinking about all they’d lose if they left their Narcissistic partner who provides them with a nice lifestyle.  If children are involved, they may feel it’s unfair to deny them this more affluent lifestyle than they’d be able to afford as a single parent.

Deniers convince themselves that the situation isn’t…

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