Pilgrims progress: taking change into our own hands

14 months in Karen and Peter Morey from Cafcass and Judge Singleton from the High Court Lancaster confirms that they have not and will not read either of the detailed long term parenting plans I have provide them being practical and logical with reasonable expectations from my side to build on contact with my boys , the stance is if mum says no , they will not stand up against her even if they can see she is wrong but they would rather support her PAS plan to ensure she gets her 1400 quid a month in benefits for keeping our boys hostage and in their minds it will make the case and issues go away so they can move on and collect more money from the government to start des toying more little ones lives , thus zero regards for the little ones , they just want the file of their desks , they have gone as far as to tell Social services to back off and not respond to me or investigate the case and serious long term potential harm issues growing up on benefits and a council estate !…Kind Regards Phill Ferreira

Karen Woodall

The Children and Families Act came into being last month and for those who were looking it seems like the presumption question has been quietly dropped over the edge of the cliff, a bit like its champion Tim Loughton who was unceremoniously ejected from this position of Children’s Minister half way through the Coalition Governmnent’s term.  Whatever the intent at the outset of this government, at the end of its term, the rather pathetic looking changes which have actuallybeen brought about will change little if anything at all. The presumption of shared parenting, the reform of child maintenance, the bringing together of a new, collaborative way of supporting families after separation, akin to Maria Miller, the Minister with original responsibility for child maintenance reform’s fall from grace, there’s something a bit shamefaced about what this government has actually done in terms of change.  A tweak here, a tinker there and…

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