Daily update for my Boys 29 April 2014






Good evening Little Men !

How are my Champs doing today? I really hope you muppets are well….

It’s been a really long day ……lots to think about and digest ….. I guess time will tell …..

O before I forget I got an email from the SOP in London today , it looks like your hearing on 28 May will have to be delayed for 4 months as the MFA needs 3 months to respond ….positive thing here I think it that you will keep your birth names a little longer ….pretty sure some people are not going to like that but people can not always get their way at some point fair legal process has to kick in and that seems to be happening now , the aid organisation in London also phoned today but I was a little tied up so they have agreed to ring back tomorrow …I am keen to hear what their stance is on your continued hostage keeping by the UK Courts and government now that you hold duel nationality 🙂

Talking about duel nationality , now that you are Saffers also I think I am going to get you Afrikaans birthday cards as you need to start learning your main langue sooner rather later …… 🙂

Well Little Men I need to shoot , I need to have some food as I have had nothing but a coffee since this morning ….and I think I need a good nights sleep as I am doing Embassy hopping tomorrow if all goes to plan….

I hope you both are having a fun week , with lots of learning and giggles … Have you started to pack your trunkies for the big birthday holiday yet ? Are you going to pack some of the wild animals I bought you last time I saw you in November last year ?……I do hope so ….sure they will love the beech …..

Night , night Champs …happy dreams of the big blue ocean …….

Can’t wait to see you both later as always under our big old green tree in dream land …..double O dream bear cuddles and smiles please , think I need it today very much ….. 🙂

Love you monkeys around the world and back and miss you to the moon and back a billion billion times ……

Love you Little Men…..always …..

Dad xx

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