Why Do I Punish Myself?


From Torn 2 Pieces 2 Peace

Iโ€™ve ignored opportunities for fun, joy, loveโ€ฆ
Iโ€™ve neglected my health, even my comfort.


silent treatment

Especially since some people in my life have caused me so much pain. One person PURPOSELY creates pain for me no matter what I do. He wants to control my happiness. He wants to be the creator of my pain and joy, my laughter and my tears. He makes promises then turns around & blames someone, sometimes me, for not coming through.

Youโ€™d think Iโ€™d be extra good to myself because of that. A trip to the beach, a bike ride, listen to some great musicโ€ฆ

But no, I often make choices that make life harder on myself.

Yesterday, I spent mostly alone in silence. No texting, nothing.

Silence is a teacher to me sometimes.

deepak wisdom

Silence told me I punish myself because Iโ€™m angry. Iโ€™m angry at the stolen innocence.ย Iโ€™m angry and I canโ€™tโ€ฆ

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