Daily update for my Boys 27 April 2014






Good evening Little Men!

How are my Champs doing today ? I do hope very well indeed!

Well I must say today felt like a Sunday , lol yes , yes I know it is Sunday but with it being Bank Holiday tomorrow it will be Sunday once more …..

I had a fair bit of work stuff to sort this morning and then the rest of the day has just been chilling on the sofa ! Ouma brought some chocolate cake today , can’t remember when last I have had that …don’t stress she did not bake it herself …lol , she went shopping for snacking things it seems , must be the winter munchies that got the better of her today …. πŸ™‚ guess it beats the red bull and cheese I keep in the fridge ….lol

I guess I have a couple of days of some proper food and then it’s back to room service for the next month ….. Or breakfast bars during the day when I am out and about ! I am looking forward to a nice extra large moca from Costa each day again …..

I had to look for some documents in all the paper boxes that came from the UK , I must say I was surprised how much legal paperwork I am storing for you muppets already …… Not good , but what to do as they say ……

O I see Facebook had an issue last night and this morning as I am getting news feeds from all the pages that seems to be about 12 hours old , thus not sure what that is all about , Ouma said she had the same issue this morning ……

Boys as we start yet one more week without me being able to see you both or say hello I just want to wish you a happy week at school , full of learning , plenty of giggles and many , many new little friends ……

Have fun , smile and play as if there is no tomorrow as little men should ….

As always pals I will see you tonight under our big old green tree in dreamland ….. Big dream bear cuddles and smiles later please ….

Night , night Champs , dream big , anything is possible if you want it enough …..

Love you both big ships full and miss you more than all the water in the ocean…….

Love you Little Men….always ….

Dad xx

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