FAQ Friday – 5 Common Questions About the Common Narcissist

A great article once again Kim 🙂

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

1)       When Does the Narcissist go No Contact?

The Narcissist doesn’t go No Contact.  They either implement the Silent Treatment or discard you.

When the Narcissist starts ignoring you, blocking you, and leaving for a couple of weeks at the time (or more), it’s his/her way of forcing you to comply and accept abusive behavior patterns.  For instance, it usually happens when you point out unfairness, confront them about cheating, or express your displeasure at something they’ve said or done.  The Silent treatment is a manipulative tool the Narcissist uses when the relationship is ongoing.  Further, they are usually grooming new supply during this time.

If the Narcissist has found a new source of supply, they will discard you, but oftentimes, it isn’t a final discard.  At this point, they might admit they’ve found someone new, or simply leave without explanation and may begin to block you from contacting…

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