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    Family & Parental Alienation is most definitely abuse against the child. It results in severe emotional scarring and the child is often forced into losing pieces of their true identity. Know that when you alienate your children from other family members you take away their history, but you can only control what they do & think for so long. Eventually every child grows up with their own strong mind, their desire to meet their family, confront the alienated parent, just might turn against you in a huge way. A child needs to know their family, it is their identity. A child should never be denied the love of a family. A child is only a child for a short time, they will search out and question the family & parent they were cut from. You as a parent, have a responsibility to give your child the very best of guidance and love, if they are not being harmed by the family or other parent, then tell me please, what is your reason for keeping them from others that love them? Just because you do not like that person or the other family, doesn’t mean they are not part of your child’s very creation. Open your heart for your child’s sake, it will be a blessing for them and for you.


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