A Controlling Narcissistic Sociopath

A great article as always Tela πŸ™‚ , Thank you !


Control is what feeds a Narcissist,Β Sociopath and Psychopath. Control to them is like the feeling ofΒ loveΒ we have. Love is a purpose in living, it is inherent in everything we do. The difference between the Narcissist Sociopath is their control equates to this:

  • β€œif you loved me you would……..”
  • compromising who you are ~ the sociopath will say things to make you change your mind, beliefs, lifestyle, thought process. They get inside your head and start controlling you. There is always compromise with couples, this is not to be confused with control!
  • lust ~ the sociopath will instill not only a physical but mental lust under their control. The mental lust is you are constantly wanting approval from them. You are needing validation as an important part of the relationship. You areΒ lustingΒ for equality with them.

How do they go about this control? As with everything they do…

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