Cinderella and the forty thieves of childhood

Karen Woodall

Last week I walked past Action for Children’s headquarters  and peered in through the shiny windows to see banners proclaiming ‘We did it…’  (presumably a reference to their successful campaign to get the government to change the law on child neglect to include emotional abuse as one of the elements that can be considered to be neglect of a child).  This new proposal for a ‘Cinderella’ law as the media terms it, is one which has caused enormous consternation in some camps and triumphalist trumpeting in others.  As I gazed through the windows of the headquarters of this charity, I found myself feeling a bit like a neglected child myself. Gone from the world of the charitable sector and back to the place where I feel most effective (and clean), I know the experience of living hand to mouth and making do and mend all to well.  I know what…

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