Daily update for my Boys 1 April 2014





Good Afternoon Little Men…

How are my Champs doing today ? I hope fantastic and oki doki ….

I have had a bit of long day … I had to go pay some legal fees today but of course it is month end so took up most of my day …not the best idea to go and sort this today but it had to be done today …. Least I can now tick that off my ever growing to do list …lol

I hope you two have seen my photo of my Wimpy banana milkshake today …that was my reward for standing in the bank for such a long time …as I said really hope I get to buy you both one , one day as I think you muppets will love them just as much as I do ….reminds me of being a little man like what you both are now…..

Woke up this morning with loads of email also , least the time in the bank line give me the opportunity to catch up on these ….

I must say I could feel the cold air this morning , the day did not turn out that bad but was defo nippy this morning…. I think we might have a colder than normal winter this year due to all the rain and floods from the past two months …..

Well as you both know you have a Court hearing tomorrow but as expected we have not received any further applications as mentioned in the email from your Solicitor , so just more hot air as normal from these clowns …..

I see you two were in Morecambe yesterday … I sure hope the child abusers let you two have a walk on the promenade or maybe even ride your scooters or bikes , as I am pretty sure you two must be expert scooterers by now ….lol would love to see you both having some fun with them ….maybe one day hey little Champs …who knows ……

Not much more news here I am afraid so just want to say I hope you both will have a fun day tomorrow and be safe as I am not sure whom you will be left with again but it can’t be a good person that’s for sure ….so will be thinking of you both loads …..

Can’t wait to see you both as normal later under our big old green tree in dreamland ….packing extra dream cuddles and smiles for you both ….

Night , night Little Men …..safe dreams of greater and better things ….

Love you both lots and lots and miss you bigger lots more …

Love you Champs …..always ….

Dad xx

9 thoughts on “Daily update for my Boys 1 April 2014

  1. this is just the saddest thing ever! What an amazing daddy you are~ even from a distance. I hope one day the court system will rule in your favour and allow these boys their GOD GIVEN right to have their daddy in their life.


      • it should not matter what ‘they’ all think. Your boys are going to be adults one day, and guess what, they will be able to read these post to them! I applaud you for it. 🙂


      • I truly hope so Tela , they might hate my guts for doing it but that only time will tell 🙂 , have good days and bad days as I am sure you can see by the blog but it gives me a couple of minutes each day that it feels like I am having a little chat with them ….. I have been called a Narcissist , sociopath etc by some people for doing this but it is my only way to try and create a footprint for my a Little men to maybe track me down one day when the time comes , and they are ready and want to talk …….

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  2. I had to re-read your comment twice. A narcissistic sociopath????!!!!!! Next time you are called that, send those people to my blog! Maybe it will enlighten them on what a true narcissistic sociopath is~ and just your blog alone disqualifies you! 🙂 Once again, the ignorance of humans astonishes me. Keep blogging! Let those “Little Men” read your wonderful words to them!


    • Thank you Hun , I also had a two hour meeting with the court psychologist the day I had to leave the UK who diagnosed my as a narcissist and ” might” become violent , this all in a two hour meeting at Gatwick Airport hotel …great expert she was , did not as my one question re my boys , had 6 hours with mum and says she is mother of the year , I am a threat to my boys ….


  3. sounds like your wife is actually the sociopath, and sadly, they can manipulate the court system so well {as children are often placed with mother’s} as you so well know. I don’t know if you have had a chance to read my post this morning about female sociopaths, but in all my years of education, I could not diagnose someone at a hotel airport in 2 hours as ‘Narcissist’ ‘sociopath’ or any other personality disorder. Again~ what a sad sad story this is, and i look forward to the day when you post about finally getting to see the boys and actually getting a milkshake together! 🙂


    • Thank you , I also can’t wait for that day , but the Court is not willing to listen to a peer review of the psychologists protocol , nor are they willing to provide her test results and notes as they say this is confidential info but the based their 8 hours a year security armed card recommended contact at around 2000 pounds for 2 hours at a time as my only choice , and as I know live 16000 miles away I can not see what value my boys would get in seeing me 4 times a year for two hours under these circumstances but I can’t even Skype my phone or send them a card or know where and how they are doing at school …….


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